How the law of attraction has changed my life

The Law Of Attraction

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The year 2015 is long in the tooth as I get ready to celebrate this New Years Eve I quietly reflect on my accomplishments for 2015 and my goals for 2016.  2015 was a good year for me, I started my own SEO company and in a quick 8 month period have become one of the highest ranking firms in the State of Oregon.  How is this possible you may ask?  Let’s go back in time to explore how a former convenience store owner could quickly become one of the best SEO’s (Search Engine Optimization) experts in the State. 

    When I was young I was always eager to learn.  Bored by the trivial mindless hobbies of most adults, i’ve never been entertained by sports and other distractions.  My goal is to always better myself and constantly grow as a person.  If you spend your days watching men in tights chase around a pig skin personal growth will be difficult.  I always reflect back to the words of Confucius and other great thinkers when they say, “there’s only so much space in consciousness.”  One could argue through discipline and training one could expand the brain and increase it’s overall knowledge reservoir, but for the sake of this argument, lets assume that the brain has a finite amount of information it can focus on at one time.  One must then wonder how could a person be obsessed with statistics and data from a mindless sporting event, and still have room to add important data that could improve your life.  All that information needs to be stored somewhere, and in most cases it’s at the expense of more valuable information you could be learning.  That’s why I made the conscious decision at a young age to focus on personal growth.  This meant I had to give up things that were very important to me (at the time) but later I found them to be dispensable.  Things such as video games, sporting events, and mindless entertain on television.  When I made the conscious decision to cut these distractions out of my life everything changed for me.

   When I was in college I was never really entertained or impressed with the dole curriculum that was taught to us.  I knew the material would be irrelevant for my life, which made learning it particularly challenging.  I wanted to be immersed in subjects that would benefit both spiritually and monetarily.  Adding insult to injury, I had to spend hours of my day learning from professors who spent their whole life teaching, instead of doing.  Sure some of the better professors came from the business world as I reach my later classes, but the majority were leftist fake intellectuals who had never created anything in their life.  I began searching the internet for bigger thinkers that had actually accomplished things and were willing to share their secrets.  That’s when I stumbled upon the likes of Tony Robbins, Stephen Covey, and Bob Proctor.  Over the years I have listened to dozens of different self-improvement gurus, but none had as big of an effect on my life as Bob Proctor.  Mostly because Bob’s focus is increasing your income, and that’s where the majority of my motivation lies.  I see money as a tool to have more time and freedom in my life.  I seek to travel and explore the world and having money is the easiest way to accomplish this. Some of his courses like six minutes to success are phenomenal and you should check them out.

  Bob introduced me to the Law of Attraction and the Law of Vibration.  At first I found these concept difficult to understand, but overtime as my brain began to gain more awareness of my own power this law began to make more sense.  I began applying this concept, at first gradually, but eventually to every aspect of my life.  After digging deep into the Law of Attraction I learned, with Bob’s help, that the Law of Vibration is at the core of all things.  The vibration your put out into the world will directly dictate the results you have.  A lot of people reading this may find this hard to believe, but this law is an absolute certainty, and the evidence of this is all around us.  After 1 year of applying this law into my life everything has changed for me.  I sold a six figure a year stable job to follow my passion and start my very own SEO Company.  After just 8 months we are now the fastest growing SEO company in Oregon and will soon be ranked #1.  I feel the money flowing into my life everyday, and in fact I expect it, therefore it becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy.  If your ready to make big changes in your life in 2016 make the commitment now to study the law of vibration and attraction.  Nothing in this life rests, everything is moving and when you start moving in harmony with your surroundings, everything will change. For a free law of attraction coaching course, visit

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