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Magic In Your Mind Review

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Are you growing or dying?

For most people they move through life and simply get by day to day. For others, this is simply unacceptable. For me personally, I see life as a daring adventure and seek to push the boundaries of what’s possible. If your the type of person who is fine just existing on the planet, then close this article now. Although, if your the type of individual who is constantly looking to grow then continue reading. When I was in college I was extremely bored with the dated irrelevant propaganda that college professors were teaching. Soon I became aware that the people who were instructing me had never actually succeeding at anything. In fact, most of these college professors are career teachers who have never actually applied this techniques in the real world. According to great thinkers like Napoleon Hill, many crucial life skills can only be learned through the passage of time and personal experience. How could one properly teach when they havn’t actually done these things on their own? When I was in business school at Harvard I learned a lot concept, that I found at the time very fascinating. Once I finished schooling and started building companies of my own I realized that 99% of the information I was taught was completely worthless. After just 1 year in the real world I figure I got more training then my entire college education. All the concepts that we were taught as theories ended up being just that. These were worthless conceptional ideas that were not developed through practice, but only theory. In fact, most of the theories I learned and ruminated on in college ended up being totally worthless in the real world. Essentially, business school teaches you how to be an employ at the fortune 500 company. I was under the impression that I was going to school to learn entrapenourship, but that just wasn’t the case. I was given no teaching on how to build companies, but instead how to be a corporate robot. The worst part being I was given this instruction by people who had never even had to build their own company. It should be mandatory that all college professors spend the majority of their career actually doing the field they are going to eventually teach. When I transferred to a different University I had the privilege of taking a serious of real estate development courses. In one of these classes I was taught by a professor who had spent his entire life developing real estate. He didn’t spend his life theorizing on how to develop real estate, but instead actually did it. The teaching I received from this professor compared to others was like night and day. He filled his daily lectures with real world application and case studies as opposed to just theory. The moral of the story being if you want to grow as a person you need to think outside the box. The next great leaders in the world will not come from within the big universities. These degrees in worthlessness only riddle students with debt and false information. The next great business people will actually come from the business world. These people will come from the school of hard knocks where you learn by doing and not teaching.

   Bob Proctor is the number one teacher on planet earth when it comes to making more money. Bob is not the type of teacher who learned theories on making money from text books. Bob is the type of teacher who learned how to make money by building companies from the ground up. After decades of doing he is now at the point in his career that he can effectively teach others how to replicate his work. These are the types of people you should seek to learn from. Bob is a firm believer of the Law of Attraction. He believes that the Law of Attraction and vibration are the foundation of all success. Essentially, your sub-concscious mind creates your reality and in a way controls your actions. Most would argue that their conscious mind controls your actions, but that isn’t the case. Your overall focus and direction is controlled by your dominating thoughts. If you are constantly thinking about ways to succeed and increase your income then you will be able to achieve this through your actions. By constantly thinking about this you are essentially programming your mind for success. Bob recently released a new coaching serious called Magic in Your Mind. This series delivers some of these best law of attraction and success training available today. If your going to learn you might as well learn from someone who has actually lived it, instead of some who just teaches. The only way to really get lasting change is to invest in your mind and your skills. People who are stuck in old routines and habits usually are not taking the time to programming their brain for success. Another great self-improvement guru Stephen Covey constantly talked about sharpening the saw. This means that at times your best investment is to simply work on yourself. Instead of spending all day cutting sometimes you need to take a break to sharpen the saw, and that’s what this program will do.

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