Portland’s Best Thai Restaurant Review


Portland Oregon’s Best Thai Restaurant

In recent years Portland has become one of America’s great food cities. This booming city in the Pacific Northwest is one of the fastest growing regions in the country. Portland combines the best aspects of fine dining restaurants, creative food carts, and everything in-between. Because of it’s diverse population, a large variety of unique and inspiring food options are available. The city is divided down the center by the Willamette River from the East to West. The downtown core is situated on West side of the River and that’s where the majority of the large buildings are located. Inside these giant hire rise structures you will fun hundreds of incredible dining options. In-between these high rise structures you will find vacant lots set aside for food carts. These funky and creative food carts provide a huge variety of food options at reasonable prices. Portland’s motto is “keep it weird” and these food carts do just that. The food carts are decorated in funky colors and styles to reflect their unique culinary offering.

If food carts aren’t you scene, then you can always visit one of Portland’s famous downtown restaurants. A local favorite Portland City Grill is located on the 34th floor of the Bank of America Tower, and has incredible views of the city. If you in the mood for breakfast, another popular joint among locals and tourists alike is Mothers Bistro and Bar. Located near the downtown core this Portland staple has delicious breakfast options as well as the best Bloody Marry I have ever had.

Northwest Portland has recently become one of the most trendy areas of the city. If your looking for the best Thai Food in Portland, than look no further than Thai Bloom in Northwest Portland. Featuring an exquisite menu and warm hospitality, Thai Bloom is the perfect choice for dinners looking for something different in the City of Roses. The NW Portland location also features a full service bar as well as outdoor seating.

Portland Oregon

It’s obvious that Portland has no shortage of delicious dining options. Recently it has received national attention for it’s food scene. Websites like the Washington Post have written articles proclaiming the City of Roses as one of the top food cities in the United States. PDX has also built a name for itself by using local, sustainable, and organic products. The major downside to living in the Pacific Northwest is the large amounts of rain, especially during the winter months. People that move into the city from warmer climates can have difficulty coping with the rain, wind, and storms that the region experiences. Over the years I have noticed many people that move from Texas or other warm areas will only last for one winter before they pack up and head home to warmer climates. Along with great food, Portland also has benefited from a great local economy. Outskirt cities like Beaverton and Hillsboro are home to some of Americas largest corporations including Intel and Nike. In fact, both these corporations have their corporate headquarters located just minutes from downtown Portland. There’s also a large amount of local products that are developed and produced in the Pacific Northwest.

The city of Portland is a great place to live, eat, and do business. The region is also home to fresh air, water, and almost limitless recreation. I have traveled to many different areas of the world, and few places compare to the Pacific Northwest. Aside from the rainy weather, the area has everything you would want in a place to live. Recent articles in the USA Today and other locations have proclaimed that Oregon is the fastest growing state in the United States, and for good reason. If your looking for a great place to eat, vacation and live, then book a trip to Portland today.

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