The Future of Mobile Search on the Internet

The Internet of the Future
The Internet is changing rapidly, and the future is unclear.

I’m here to announce the end of the classical webpage.  No I don’t think websites will be done tomorrow, but soon there will come a day where Google will not only control all search but also all results.  The recent mobile apocalypse has forever changed the way we use the internet.  The most recent published studies show that more then 59% of Google searches are done through a tablet or mobile device.  This astonishing figure is only expected to increase in the future.  I can envision a day when mobile devices will encompass 99% of search because as technology improves devices will get smaller and the web will become more intuitive.  It’s going to be a while before we have brain chips and holograms, but in the not so distant future smart phones, tablets, and smart watches will totally replace the desktop PC.  As the technology improves so does user experience which means operation will be effortless.  Operation of technology in the future will be intuitive and essentially an extension of our day to day life.  The internet has helped the economy grow and will into the future.  In the mean time, webpages are still relevant but Google has now began adding the Google Listing 3 Pack above web search results.  This is a huge deal because Google has basically bypassed websites all together and sent searchers directly to their destination.  The amazing part is the user experience has been improved by cutting the WWW out of the web.  In one touch the user can call, visit, or read information about the business they are looking to be serviced by.  Instead of navigating a complex website searching for the information they need, they can read reviews, click, or call using the Google listings in a much more efficient manner.  That’s why I must advise all my business friends that the most important marketing money you can invest is now in your Google Map Listing.  The scary part is I can envision a future where the map pins will play an even bigger roll and encompass the entire front page of Google.

The truth is strategies exist to rank better in the Google Map Pins but most SEO’s and small business owners are unaware of this.  The tactics used are 100% white hat and safe to use without fear of penalties or ranking issues, they are just not well known by the general public.  I don’t want to totally give this technique away because it’s so powerful it literally works every time.  I will give you a small hint though how it’s done.  The map pack listing placing is based on directories and other information about your business on the World Wide Web.  There are ways to add to this information and actually move to the top of the map pack.  Essentially the Google algorithm is straight forward and calculates this information.  The person with the most information out there will get the highest ranking.  Now I explained how it’s done but I didn’t give away the biggest secret to why some people with more information will rank below others who have very little.  If you want to know how to do this you need to pay a reputable company for their services.  I learned this trick from a Portland Oregon SEO Company called Oregon Web Solutions.  They are one of the best search marketing companies in the State and have blown my mind with the techniques they use.  If you want digital marketing tips then follow this Oregon SEO Facebook Page.  The internet is changing so quickly that if you want to keep up you need to hire an expert, because if you don’t your competition will.  The reality of the situation is it’s basically an arms race to see who can get the most relevant backlinks, anchor text, and large social media platforms.  If your a small business owner you really won’t have the time to put in what it takes to dominate your competition.  So why not hire experts who can ensure you get top rankings.

The article started talking about how we are in a period of rapid change and the internet will soon look completely different.  The days of web pages are soon coming to end, but you still have time to get your web presence firmly planted on the internet.  I believe that companies who are already established will have a much easier time making the transition when the new web comes to about.  When I say that the webpage is going away I mean that it will be replaced by something else.  It could be replaced by aps or web 2.0’s or Google Listings.  Any of the above is a possibility the modality that makes the user experience best will be the future.  I hope you enjoyed reading my opinion on the future of the World Wide Web.  If you like Instagram you can also follow Oregon Web Solutions for the best search engine marketing advice.  Check back to this blog often as I have some great healthy food recipes I will be releasing soon.

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