Be Sustainable

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When this kind of cooking becomes part of the family routine, everyone wins.
Ot’s easy to see how the act of cooking can ratchet up utility bills and sabotage our good intentions. It does not have to be this way with a few commonsense measures.
From working in that garden and eating from it, I learned a lot about sustainability without ever realizing it.
If there is one behavior you change, let it be breaking the bottled water habit. Please.
For anyone new to this personal journey to sustainability, here's some advice.
A three-course, farm-fresh dinner for four on a budget of $40.
. For this frittata, I ask only that you forage at the farmers market for a few varieties of wild mushrooms, arugula, and good slab bacon.
Like most fried foods, when done correctly, fried chicken is not bad for you. It should be enjoyed in moderation, but when you feel the urge to fry up some chicken, do it right.