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My name is Barbara and I’m a cooking fanatic and a big fan of professional chef and sustainable food pioneer Michel Nischan.  This page is all about celebrating the joy of cooking and sharing recipes and ideas with the world.  I don’t believe in keeping recipes secret and instead feel that food should be shared with world.  I have had a passion for cooking since I was a small child.  The process of taking raw ingredients and turning them into a delicious meal has always appealed to me.  I took the passion I had as a youngster and attended culinary school once I graduated from high school.  When I graduated from culinary school I worked as a chef in a few different restaurants in Florida.  Being a chef in Florida was an amazing experience because of the Cuban and Latin influence on the region.  Many of the meals are prepared with spices and seasoning which I grew a taste for.  After many years working in Miami’s busy restaurant and club scene I wanted a change of pace.  Eventually I brought my skills to a smaller community where I was awarded more flexibility to cook the dishes that I wanted.  The reason I made the Michel Nischan fan page is his cooking style has always had a big influence on me.  Michel’s passion and support for the sustainable food movement has always been an inspiration.

The blog will be mainly about cooking but occasionally I will post about other topics.  The main things that interest me right now are making videos, designing websites, and learning about search engine optimization.  The more time I spend online the more I realize it’s not enough to simply build a website, you must promote it for people to see it.  For this reason I have spent the last couple days researching different ideas to promote this blog so I can share my recipes and passion for cooking with the world.  Eventually I would like to become a professional and famous chef like Michel.  I have also been experimenting with filming my own cooking videos and posting them on YouTube.  Video provides an experience for the viewer that text and photos alone can’t provide.  That’s all for now I hope you get the idea of what this blog will be about.  If local, sustainable, and organic cooking interests you then check back often because I will be releasing some amazing content.  Thanks again for reading.  -Barbra

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